11th June 2019

  • Information on the next European conference of Travel Medicine has been added to the Meetings page.
  • The latest bi-annual edition of the U.S. CDC "Yellow Book" (2020) is available this month (see the 'Travel Medicine Textbooks' section on the Training page.

7th April 2019

  • Mr. Niall Gray was added to the Executive Committee following a vote at the AGM.
  • A link to information on which medicines are illegal to bring to which country (International Narcotics Control Board) has been added to the Links page.

31st March 2019

  • There has been one winning entry for the 2019 postgraduate bursary: Dr. Mary Durcan.

9th March 2019

  • The winner of the 2019 Dom Colbert Prize in Travel Medicine for Undergraduate Medical Students is Mr. Timothy Siliang Lu (NUI Galway).
  • The programme and booking form for the upcoming April meeting are available here.

8th March 2019

  • The Rabies chapter of the Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland has been updated as of today and contains important changes to both pre-exposure/pre-travel vaccination (the addition of a new 0, 3, 7, 365 schedule), duration of protection (life-long in many cases, though not in the immunosuppressed or certain occupations e.g. Veterinarians), recognition of the intradermal vaccination technique as appropriate in some cases, as well as an update to post-exposure treatment (post-exposure vaccine schedule reduced from five to four shots). See ‘Rabies’ at https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/hcpinfo/guidelines/.

28th February 2019

  • Free online access is temporarily available to "Emporiatrics", the newsletter of the Faculty of Travel Medicine (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow) - click here.

27th February 2019

16th February 2019

  • The following link has been added to the Training page:
    • Travel Medicine Roadshow (includes a date in Belfast in Sept. 2019)

20th January 2019

  • The following links have been added to the Training page:
    • Foundation course in Travel Medicine (Glasgow)
    • Yellow Fever online course
    • Malaria online course

9th January 2019

  • The closing date for applications for the postgraduate bursary is 28th February 2019. The winning entries will be announced on this page on 31st March 2019.
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