Dom Colbert Prize in Travel Medicine for Undergraduate medical students (2024)

  • Opening date: Late September 2023
  • Title:“New Travel Vaccines on the Horizon”
  • Closing date: 31st January 2024 (17:00 hrs)
  • Announcement of winning entry: March 2024
  • 1st prize: Dom Colbert gold medal and €250
  • 2nd prize: Certificate of Commendation and €100
  • Presentation of the winning entry by the author at the TMSI AGM: April 2024

Previous winners:

2023: Vivian Forde Friend or Foe? The Impact of Social Media on Travel Medicine.
2022: David Killilea Travelling with Mental health conditions - challenge or remedy?
2020: Lily Farrell Climate Change: Implications for Travel Medicine
2019: Timothy Siliang Lu Unwanted Souvenirs: Antimicrobial Resistance and International Travel
2018: Bryan Chang Wei Lim Leaving Light Footprints – How Can We Promote Responsible International Travel?
2017: Ian Long Traumatic Travels – How Can We Reduce The Burden of Accidental Death in Travellers Overseas?
2016: Evelyn Fennelly Responding to Migrant and Refugee Healthcare Needs in Ireland



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